Province launches Housing Delivery Group

The Province of Ontario announced in a Press Release on Sept. 26 the creation of a Housing Delivery group to”work with individual developers, municipalities and other organizations to reduce barriers for specific housing projects that meet the needs of local communities. The team will help all parties work together and overcome challenges that prevent new homes from being built.” To read the full press release

One thought on “Province launches Housing Delivery Group

  1. Tracey Rose

    I am somewhat encouraged by this plan for more affordable housing as it is desperately needed. The part l find very worrisome is the inclusion of families and seniors but no mention of those who are empty nesters yet 10-15 years shy of being considered a senior. Is there a place for couples and singles who require affordable housing? From what l have read there is no mention of this particular group and housing for them. If for example you are over-housed due to your last child moving out. You are then waitlisted for a one bedroom. These are difficult to get due to the low numbers of one bedrooms built and the less frequent turnaround. I know someone who has been living in a two bedroom apartment as a single for 30 years. This is part of the issue with housing that also needs to be discussed.

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